The Music of Marketing

The power of music is palatable. Reaching where no hands can touch, music lifts us up and demands that we move our feet. However, the power of music’s ability to be as far-reaching and all-encompassing as it can be is due to the genius marketers behind every tune. Without the proper channels, the best tune in the world is little more than a bar song. What are some of the secrets behind the greatest musical successes of 2015?

Few can touch the hem of Adele’s fur coat, especially after her dominance of the music scene in 2015. Adele’s album, “25,” was a smash success. Selling nearly 4 million copies in its first week, Adele broke the record for most albums sold opening week by a cool million. Her single “Hello” broke records of its own, quickly becoming the most watched video online. In only 24 hours, her hit song grabbed the attention of 27.7 million fans. But what is her secret? What simple tools were implemented by her and her marketing team to send his album into the stratosphere?



Well, first there is the element of quality. Adele has made it known, through tireless live shows and practice, that she has the skill to back up her record. Far too often, unskilled performers are exposed to the public as little more than the result of clever sound design, and that peak behind the curtain is enough to turn diehard fans away. Aside from her considerable talent, Adele’s choice to withhold her album from the many popular streaming sites added an element of exclusivity to her music.

Additionally, two days before the album was released, Adele held a free concert in NYC. Separately, the raw talent of her voice and a free concert make for enjoyable experiences. Together, Adele created an exclusive moment that would be remembered by all the fans who took the time to attend. Directly emailing her fans with news of the concert and passes to get in, Adele’s marketing team ingeniously strengthened a bond made manifest through the power of her music. It’s not the job of a competent marketeer to force people into enjoying something, but to press the perfect keystone and let gravity do the rest.