The Resolve of Resilience

Perhaps nothing is as effective in your professional career as the ability to bounce back and overcome adversity. It is a tremendous skill that goes hand in hand with developing absolutely vital tools in the toolkit for success, those tools being dedication and confidence. What’s more is that while resiliency is certainly rooted in basic genetics to a certain extent, it is also strongly associated with taught habits.

Take this Time article for example. It specifically states that very often resiliency is found most commonly in individuals who retain a positive belief for what lies ahead. Our ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles comes at the hands of believing that what lies beyond the mountain is worth climbing the mountain for. While the article cites religion as a specific instance where resiliency is commonly found, it also specifically mentions the basic belief that just having a future can be an enormous catalyst for projecting someone past the obstacles that currently hold them back. It makes sense. Why would we put ourselves through hardship if the hardship isn’t worth working through? However, while the article mainly focuses on children coming up in difficult circumstances, I feel the same basic concept can be applied to your professional career as well.

To attain and retain resiliency is to teach yourself dedication. To implement a basic belief that helps you overcome whatever is dragging you down at the current moment is tremendous motivation and a phenomenal tool for achieving eventual success. Without dedication, we could never move past difficult situations, difficult times, or even difficult conversations. Dedication is instrumental in pushing us to the be the best we can be in life, to be the best version of ourselves, be it professional or not. To be the best, you have to be dedicated to being the best.

It is from here that we can see resiliency translating directly into confidence. I don’t think I have to mention the necessity of keeping confident in sales, but regardless anyone who has ever cold called knows no one is buying from someone they don’t trust. Without confidence, there is no trust. Without trust, there is no sale. By applying dedication through resiliency, and then by extension overcoming whatever difficulty we encounter, we develop an enormous sense of confidence. We believe we can push through the hard times, which then in turn further motivates our internal dedication when we reach hardships that lie further down the road. Through attaining, developing, and retaining resiliency, we are creating an absolutely vital asset for success.

It is important to remember what lies ahead. If we only live in the moment, then when the moment becomes overbearing, we will succumb because we have no reason to push past it. Remain resilient. Remain dedicated. Remain confident.

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