Humor in the workplace and with customers!

I just recently watched Will Ferrell’s USC Commencement speech and felt his story telling combined with identifying and encouraging his audience to dream big and push through obstacles was awesome.

When I was younger I employed humor all the time at the workplace.  Not only as a motivator for people I worked with to complete tasks or work in partnership to do a better job, but also as a way to break the ice and keep customers.  Somewhere along the lines, over the course of many years in the business, I lost it.  Or, I forgot it.  Perhaps I became so focused on closing deals that I forgot about the people involved.  Maybe I became disconnected after life challenges started to mount.

Either way, I’m going back to it.  Nothing relieves the daily stress and the daily grind better than a laugh, building a connection with someone, and sharing an amusing story that people can relate to.

In the Forbes article regarding “Why Humor is a Key to Success at Work”

they talk about how humor tends to have an edge and therefore often encouraged to be toned down at work.  I get it – make sure your humor is mild, appropriate, tasteful, and not offensive.  From my perspective, once people engage in humor they tend to let their guard down which in many cases increases creativity and productivity.  As mentioned, if humor becomes a natural part of anyone’s style it can be harnessed and leveraged!

As the Robert Half International Survey cites, 91% of executives believe in a sense of humor to advance one’s career and 84% believe that people with a good sense of humor helps facilitate career enhancement.  They go on to talk about the most important career traits are a strong work ethic and sense of humor.

To summarize:

People will want to work with you:  don’t make work miserable.  People don’t want to work with someone that takes everything and everyone seriously all the time.

Humor reduces stress!

Humanizing aspects:  Yes, 100%, humor brings everyone together whether you are a warehouse worker or the CEO of the company.

It puts others at ease.

Ha ha brings the aha moments:  As mentioned, it brings creative thinking.

It builds trust.

Boosts Morale.

It makes you approachable:  There is no question if people know that you are willing and able to have a good laugh or they’ve seen you having fun at work, they are more inclined to approach you.

Humor helps the company stand out!

It increases productivity.

Tony Bilby