Best Sales Movies!



I’m a big fan of good movies especially movies that involve my profession. I can appreciate Lee Black’s blog:

“7 Classic Movies for Salespeople” because the movies he picks are some of my favorite sales movies!

 Glengarry Glen Ross

This is the Godfather of sales movies. It’s packed with resonating and iconic one liners that any salesperson can reference at will before and after a sales call. “Put that coffee down – coffee’s for closers.” “You see this watch? You see this watch? This watch cost more than your car – that’s who I am pal.”   I can dish them out over a few drinks with business partners and it never fails to illicit a laugh or a smile.

The reality is that most of us aren’t selling swamp land after hours at Chinese dive restaurants to random husbands that just want a few moments away from difficult marriages, but one thing is true about the situation in the movie, and Al Pacino’s character reflected his error made during the sales process: he only sold his grand idea and land contract to the husband when, in reality, the wife gets involved with 95% of the financial decisions or any decision involving a family investment. Lesson learned after a history in various sales roles. If you’re going out on a “sit” or a sales call, make sure you present to both the homeowners, otherwise you are wasting your time. Both members of the family have to be sold in order to close the deal.

Wall Street

Gordon Gekko “greed is good.” Must I say more?

Boiler Room

Much like the heated sales meeting with Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, Ben Affleck delivers another epic grandstanding monologue in front of his young men, young brokers, whom are excited and optimistic to get to the next level in the world of stocks. Boiler room portrays many sales techniques and sales situations, but ultimately highlights what sales is and can be all about: a rollercoaster ride of uncertainty and often times the markets or any business potentially being manipulated by opportunistic capitalists that remain in the shadows.

The Wolf of Wall Street

I think this movie as a follow up to the original is entertaining. Is it as subtle or realistic as the original? No. Does it provide entertainment and content that salespeople can identify with? Absolutely! Is it outrageous and somewhat over the top? Yes. Would I recommend the original, along with GlennGary and Boiler room first? Of course! Either way, enjoy all the movies on his list, learn what you can, and laugh about them with your sales colleagues and business partners as you move through your career.

Tony Bilby