Branding Like The Big Boys

When launching your business, it’s of the utmost importance to advertise. As the little guy is a field of tall grass, you need to shout loudly if you want your customers to see you over their competition. It’s precisely this mistake that costs most their dreams right out of the gate. Assuming that your company can’t use the same marketing strategies as names like Coke and Apple, then you’ve given up before you even started. Below are some quick tips to keep you ahead of your competition and branding like the Big Boys.

Coca-Cola is a name synonymous with branding. In fact, when drawing a comparison between a product and its potential success, when haven’t marketing managers compared their product to the worldwide brand recognition of that red and white label? Each year, Coke spends over $4 billion on marketing and advertising, but why should you need to do the same? Emblematic marketing is key. A symbol that’s both easy to replicate and catch enough to remember, Coke’s key to success has been never altering their logo in any major way. Ingrained into our cultural zeitgeist, I don’t doubt for a second that any major change to Coca-Cola’s logo would illicit a drop in their earnings.

Cultivate a community around your brand. Products like Apple, Sony, and Microsoft have held sway over their loyal tribes for years. Imagine the marketing potential of a group of people willing to fight for your product. The best marketing campaign, complete with lavish commercials and celebrity appearances, can’t come close to the power of personal recommendations. People will shirk their responsibilities, families, and even hygiene to stand outside a store in hopes of being the first to grab that new release. Though your company may not have that killer app just yet, you can still build an experience. Start small with outreach and establish a back-and-forth between your customers. Soon, you’ll have a your very own tribe of supporters.

building the brand

Building The Brand

Don’t neglect the social media arm of your marketing campaign, either. Starbucks, the coffee giant, can be found almost anywhere. However, when was the last time you saw a Starbucks commercial on Television? Throwing almost their entire might into social media, Starbucks has revolutionized the way companies talk to their customers. Whether creating custom infographics for their Tumblr or responding to tweets about their product with uncanny speed, Starbucks has clearly demonstrated that they are paying attention. So, when engaging your clientele over social media, don’t be afraid to connect. A moment of authentic connection could add a new member to your tribe.